Little steps every day don’t just take us forward.

They take us up as well.

Any new habit or lifestyle is a struggle at first, but it will always be more of a struggle if we keep telling ourselves how hard it is, how bad it tastes, or how little we’re enjoying ourselves.

That only reinforces that it’s something we don’t want to do.

If we tell ourselves that we enjoy it, and quite often, our body will start to tell us that it enjoys what we’re doing too (which is always a good sign), and the reinforcement cycle begins.

Good choice,

Acknowledge the good choice,

Feel good about it.


After a while — it’s true.

I put “good choice,” but the scary truth is, it can be anything you want.

Or — if you’re not careful — what someone else wants.

Reinforce your values daily, or someone else will sneak in theirs.