Recently, I spent some time watching a young human try to move the world.

He pumped his little arms and legs wildly but was getting nowhere fast, not that it seemed to deter him.

Watching his limbs flail helplessly, grasping for something tangible, made me feel better about my lack of ability to change things.

We spend our whole lives worrying and making decisions and fretting and choosing between evils when there’s a fairly good chance that most of those decisions were already made for us. 

Not by Fate or The Universe or one Deity or another, but by our own deep, subconscious desires.

Does flapping against the world ever leave a mark on anything but our own souls?

Perhaps if we cease trying to force the Universe to go our way, we may find that we didn’t have much impact anyway. 

After all, in hindsight, didn’t you always know it would turn out this way?