Big Tips

We don’t tip in the UK because we have solid employment laws.

I never liked tipping, but I’ve changed my mind, now I have a little more money to spend, it sure is nice to give it back

In the States, when someone’s livelihood depends on that tip, it sure is a lot easier.

I found out recently that some people like to have a minimum amount they spend on tipping each year.

Imagine that!

These crazy people are looking for ways to give their money to other people — just for doing their job!

Why wouldn’t you, if you had it too?

And it’s that’s the sort of attitude that gets you that extra little bit to spend.

If you want a bit more cash, The Universe just needs to know that you know how to spend your money right. Sharing it about. Helping people that don’t have it, or could do with a little more.

There’s always more money — that’s how the economy works.

It goes around.

I your rent is paid, do us all a favour and spread the rest far and wide.

It’s a pleasure to share our privilege.