Blue or Green?

Humans need to fight.

It’s our nature to seek out challenges.

Conflict is one of the best ways to learn about ourselves and our world.

Several years ago, a web designer and I argued about the shade of blue they’d used on a website we were building.

The problem was that it was green. And not a very nice shade of green either.

The argument didn’t last very long because we were both looking at the same objective thing — and there was a simple way to confirm it.

That day my colleague learned they were colour-blind, which would not have happened without the conflict.

Ideas are much harder to debate.

When we bump into someone with opposing beliefs about less tangible knowledge, like the nature of God or Society, rhetoric can quickly deteriorate into war.

Physical altercations are not the best way to learn from each other.

So we must learn to question and be questioned without retreating to outright antagonism.

How else can we separate our perceptions from reality?

Blue can be green.

And we’d never know unless we argued about it.