Being confident is a lot easier than people realize.

When we say somebody is confident, we are saying that we wish we were confident enough to do whatever it is that person did:

Public speaking.

Publishing our work.

Asking for a raise.

A confidence trickster doesn’t trick people through their confidence, they trick people with a goal, and then helping them along it until they become so confident in it that they make an error.

We only tell ourselves that we’re not confident enough to do things because we haven’t done them, or we’ve only done them once or twice.

Once we set a goal, we know which path to take next.

And once we take that first step towards the goal, we grow a little more confident, because it takes confidence to take that step.

And the next one, and then the next one.

Being confident is as easy as setting a goal, and taking a step towards it.

The more steps we take, the more confident we become.