Detox Dreams

Some pretty nasty things have happened to those who forgot about the mind-body connection.

First, calling it a link is an understatement.

Mind and body are the same.

The brain doesn’t end at the neck. It extends all the way to our fingertips. Stubbing a toe on a coffee table is a direct hit to the brain.

This pervasiveness is most obvious when we put our bodies through intense change or trauma. The brain uses the body to “store” many of the physical memories we have but are not quite ready to process.

We keep those tough emotions locked in with our routines and jobs and drugs and distractions, but there is nothing to hold them in when we go on a detox.

Our old memories bubble to the surface. Our dreams become vivid with ex-girlfriends and lost battles. We night-sweat out the past traumas that our brain has stashed away into folds of flesh.

Without a break from processing the toxins in our environment, our brains can’t process the poison that sticks in our minds.