Isn’t it suspicious that all those fossils were neatly preserved?

The odds of a moving animal ending up in circumstances required for fossilization are pretty low.

Religious fundamentalists have long bemoaned their Satan for leaving all those bones around to confuse the picture.

Why are there so many dinosaur bones?

They say a big, old, firey space-rock smashed into our nascent home, throwing up clouds of dust that choked off 99% of life.

That seemed the best explanation, especially after we found a massive hole in Mexico that looked very much like the sort of hole a bloody big space-rock would make.

Except, that wasn’t the only mass extinction event. And there are just as many fossils wrapped in those layers as in the dinosaurs’.



Enormous fucking volcanos spouting hell-fire-on-earth and spewing boiling rock all over our lovely green home.

Presumably, the dinosaurs pissed off one deity or another because while rivers of lava were oozing across West India, that massive rock smashed into the other side of the planet.

And apparently — on a planetary timescale — those volcanos happen pretty regularly.

Pompeii was just a taste.