Failed Flat

We like to think we know what failure looks like;

That we’ve anticipated the worst that can happen, how we’ll react, and how quickly we’ll get up.

We like to think we’d struggle through regardless, armed to the teeth with motivational quotes and inspiring stories.

The truth is that Life doesn’t let us fail that easily.

If it did, we wouldn’t learn.

We wouldn’t have fallen, merely stumbled.

Failure is when we physically can’t push any further.

Failure is when there isn’t just a lack of desire to do something.

Failure isn’t a mistake or a wrong turn.

Failure is when we stop caring about the journey altogether.

We question our destination.

We question ourselves.

We question everything.

Failure is not when we fall.

It’s when we lie down in the middle of the road and wish for a truck to flatten us forever.