Hand Out

There’s nothing like a good castle.

We build them with massive chunks of stone carved from the mountains nearby.

We build them with steel and glass stacked so high they breach the clouds.

And we build them with ideas and rules and stories about who can do what and who doesn’t deserve it.

Most of human history was met on the barricades of one castle or another, stone or otherwise.

It’s sad that our institutions still work to uphold the walls that so many of us question. It’s up to those on the ramparts to reach out to those who have been shut out.

Like the US Men’s Soccer team backing up the Women’s wage discrimination lawsuit against their own federation. Or every player that takes a knee for their teammates. Or every athlete taking part in mixed events this year.

There are certainly still barbarians out there, but far fewer than some would have us think.

Not everyone knocking on the gates is trying to break them down. Most of them just want shelter too.

And there’s plenty of room.