Hubris is the original sin.

It is so ingrained in human nature that we barely register it in ourselves or our culture.

It is so human to believe that our experiences hold the most Truth that we have several other names for it.

Hubris that is so deeply ingrained in our thinking that we don’t notice it is called bias.

Hubris for our appearance we call vanity or ostentatious.

Hubris for our abilities we call audacity or chutzpah.

Hubris in the face of one’s authority is called insolence.

Acceptable hubris we call cocky, which is also a clue about who is allowed to be pretentious and who is not.

Hubris on an individual level is unavoidable. It’s everywhere.

An individual with a lot of hubris mostly has an ego problem.

They’re arrogant, which may harm them more than others.

Hubris on a societal or institutional level is dangerous.

When an institution has a hubris problem — when they can’t admit there are other possibilities, such as the possibility they might be wrong — we call it tyranny.