Leaders Ship

What’s the difference between a manager and a leader?

Leaders must manage. But not all managers lead.

A manager watches over our shoulder and points out when you’re doing it wrong. They set deadlines and tasks and follow up.

A good manager helps us manage our time better. They lend their support when we’re swamped. They help us identify and negotiate what we want and need from a project.

But a leader. Well, they’re a whole different breed.

Leaders ship. They put it out there.

They buy the boat, fill it with hands, sheets, and cargo, and get us fired up about where we’re going.

They stand on the bow, eyes fixed upon the glittering heavens, calculating safe navigation across a swirling, foreign sea.

They holler, “Here be treasure. Who’s coming?”

They leap off the boat and hurtle into the jungle, sword flashing as they gleefully hack through the foliage, sweat dripping from their brow and bellowing for us to join them.

And when they find the spot marked ‘X,’ they fill our pockets with bullion.

What makes a leader?

Leaders ship.