Lucky Wind

What is a treasure hunter without a treasure map?


What is an academic without a discipline?


What is a routine without a purpose?


In the words of Seneca the Younger — an Italian enslaver 2,000 years ago — “If a man knows not to which port he sails, no wind is favourable.”

Without a port, a destination, a goal to focus on, we are doomed to battle the storms on the high seas forever.

Without direction, we are at the whim of every gust and squall; none can help us on our journey.

We will struggle against them all, with never a breath of wind in our favour.

Even if it seems impossible, even if we’re not sure what awaits us there, we should pick a port so we can hoist the sails with purpose.

Then, only time stands between us and our arrival.

And we have at least a small chance of catching a lucky wind.