Mind Muscle

Remember that adage about how we only use about 10% of our brains?

It may not be biologically true, but there’s something to it.

Our bodies are built for survival.

To survive, they can and will do things we don’t understand — with or without our permission.

An elephant can be pregnant for anywhere between two and three years. The variability is because if her body detects danger or an unsafe, stressful environment, it won’t allow her to give birth.

Mountain free-climbers report ‘blacking out’ during life or death situations, returning to consciousness to find themselves on a safe ledge several feet above where they remember.

When a human mother sees her child in danger, she can tap into a reserve of inexplicable energy and strength to save them. So can fathers and daughters.

This hysterical strength is both well documented and little understood. It also inspired The Hulk comics.

Scientists aren’t sure exactly what causes these sudden bouts of superhuman strength.

The truth is that we all have much, much greater potential already in us than we realize.

And we don’t have to wait until it’s life or death to discover it.