I couldn’t believe it.

12oz of egg whites. For breakfast?!

I read the rest of the meal plan and then started again at the top.

It still said 12oz of egg whites. With oatmeal.

My stomach turned.

Where the hell does one buy egg whites anyway?

As it turns out, the answer is: Everywhere.

I stomped down the dairy aisle of my local grocery store, braced for disappointment.

But there they were.

Egg whites in cartons. And four different types from two brands.

Right next to the butter I buy every week.

Right in front of my nose all along. Not that I had been looking.

We cannot anticipate a road we have not begun to walk.

It may seem like the resources we need to fulfill our vision are far-fetched or illusive.

But once we start, we quickly find that the information and resources we need were always there, all around us.

Not hiding. Just not seen.

Waiting to help us when we’re ready to be helped.

Right in front of our noses.