Not Listening

We can get in some pretty disastrous situations simply by closing our ears.

And we can miss out on some of life’s great pleasures too, or remain ignorant of many of its many naughty little secrets.

I’ve always been fantastic at ignoring people.

Most of the time, it would be to get out of doing something that I don’t want to do or care to hear. But recently, I’ve noticed there’s another, more primal way of not listening.

The shadow that rises from the gut to clench the base of our skull and scream, “Fuck You, I Won’t Do What You Tell Me!”

Something that makes that big a racket must have something to say or some reason for being so obnoxious and fearful when challenged.

What is it so afraid of?

Well, it turns out that listening to what makes the darkest of our shadows bubble with rage is the key to keeping it quiet.

After all, everybody needs validation — even the demon within.