Academia is nonsense.

Knowing the names of English royalty or the date of the Battle of Waterloo won’t do you much good in the real world. Most of it is bullshit anyway.

And let’s face it: Who cares?

We can follow all the “experts” and run thousands of models and surveys, and the value of all that effort and data is still pretty much nothing.

We’re still not going to be able to predict what happens next.

The Universe has a habit of surprising us. And it’s always more surprising when we think we know what to expect.

So why waste time trying to anticipate it by learning nonsense names and dates? Who are we trying to impress?

Investing our time in developing skills that prepare us for whatever the Universe cooks up next is better.

Persistent practice trumps knowledge every time.

And success comes when the well-prepared and well-practiced get a little lucky.