Real Math

There’s a little bit of magic I learned about that can make you rich.

Not instantly rich or jaw-droppingly rich, but rich enough to do whatever you want. 

They teach us about it in school but often not in a way that makes practical sense. If we don’t learn it, it really can screw us over very quickly. Some say it’s the most important algorithm: the Master Key.

The magic of cumulative interest is the same magic that makes kaizen so powerful.

It works like 100 plus 1% is 101. That’s all fine and normal.

But 101 plus 1% is 102.1%. That extra 0.1% is where the magic happens.

Over time, say once every day for a year, that little decimal grows into a monstrous magnifier.

101 plus 1% every day for 365 days isn’t 365.

It’s 36,868.65.

And when we do that for thirty years?

It’s impossible not to be rich.