Region Beta

What’s worse than spraining your ankle?

Losing a leg.

That sounds insane, but often people who experience a terrible accident or trauma recover faster than someone who has a much milder trauma.

Not because of some strange medical phenomenon but because they seek out more help faster.

If we live within walking distance of the beach, we’ll probably walk there most of the times we visit.

We could probably drive or cycle there in a fraction of the time, but we choose not to. Even though it would give us more time to spend on the beach.

We may give any reason for this strange behaviour: it’s good for us; we’ll enjoy the walk; it’s simpler; we might bump into a friendly neighbour; or get some of that vital vitamin D.

The same goes for that job we should leave or that relationship we stayed too long in, or that diet change we’ve been avoiding.

When things are ok, they just aren’t bad enough to change.

This is called the region-beta paradox.

And this blog right here is a good example of it.