Rigorous Authenticity

There’s some great advice out there for addicts.

And in the words of Chance the Rapper, “I think we’re all addicted.”

Whether it’s opioids, food, or work, we all have our little monkeys strapped to our backs, whispering in our ears.

This quirk of human psychology can be a powerful tool or a devastating weapon, depending on how we use it.

A famous drug addict, Michael Brody-Waite, discusses this in a TEDtalk about turning his addiction into a foundation for success.

The first thing he mentions is rigorous authenticity.

Getting addicted to honesty, especially when it hurts, pays off.

Warren Buffett mentions authenticity is one of three defining characteristics he looks for when hiring:

  1. Integrity
  2. Intelligence
  3. Initiative

Integrity is the most important because if someone has the other two but no integrity, they will likely screw you over.

“If you’re going to get someone without integrity,” Buffett says, “you want them lazy and dumb.”

Authenticity. Integrity. Honesty.

These values seem a far cry from the nefarious business world we are sold, but they always pay off.

Because as Buffett notes, “If you take the high road, there’s always less traffic.”