Soylent Beef

It’s not as cool as flying cars, but we got liquid food.

Many old sci-fiction writers imagined that poor people in the future would eat flavoured protein bars and drink vitamin-enriched sugar water to survive.

We’re not there, but we’re pretty close.

The vitamin water is just sugar though, so it makes us fat.

We had to add the vitamins to the food because it wasn’t nutritious enough to be sold as food.

Everything in the grocery store is in a brightly coloured container and will last for weeks, if not months.

We can get all our nutrition in powders and pills and packets.

We’ve even recently rebranded hydrolyzed soy protein with flavouring as “future beef.”

Hydrolyzed soy protein lasts a lot longer in a bag than a fresh slice of cow butt.

Watch this space for the ‘tasty insect’ rebrand coming soon.

Will they ever have to rebrand human meat?

Maybe as “man’s best friends’ best meal replacement?”

Hopefully, we can figure out how to grow steak in a tube before it comes to that.

And the flying cars too.