Still Surprised?

Some of the most useful stories are the shortest.

There’s an ancient fable about a Frog and a Scorpion, which you may even know already.

It stuck around because it’s true.

If you haven’t heard it yet, Scorpion persuades Frog to carry him across a river. Frog isn’t keen about this until Scorpion points out that if he stings him, they’ll both drown. That seems rational enough, so Frog agrees, and off they go.

Obviously, Scorpion stings Frog before they reach the other side.

As they start to sink, Frog cries out, “What the fuck, dude?!”

Scorpion shrugs and says, “It’s just what I do, bro.”

And they both die.

If you expect people to act differently to the way they’ve always done, you’re going to be disappointed.

ESPECIALLY when they’re acting in groups.