Stomach it

Decisions feel like a punch in the gut.

The hard part isn’t making a choice, it’s the taking action that comes with it, which is typically not what we want to do and comes with some unpleasantness.

The uncertainty is stressful but we often know what we should do far sooner than we’d like to admit.

The delay is the most harmful part, and can result in a worse outcome than making a “wrong” move too quickly.

“I wish I did this earlier” feels way better than, “I wish I’d done that” and is the far more likely outcome.

The most effective people take action quickly and completely, following through until another change of course is required.

All the decision frameworks in the world pale in comparison to a strong vision and values because they make every choice binary: ‘Will this get me closer to my vision/does this fit with my values’ is far easier to swallow than weighing the data scientifically.

That leaves you with the energy to see that decision through.

Stomach it and do what you have to do to get where you want to go. If you’re not sure where that is, that’s the first course.