Stupid Baby

You’ll hear people say the funniest things about themselves if you listen closely.

Some of the things people say aren’t even funny — they’re troubling.

Especially because how we speak about ourselves is closely linked to how we feel about ourselves.

Our self-talk — the conversations between the voices in our head — and our real talk — the way we talk about ourselves to other people — all impact the way we act.

When someone’s being vulnerable while telling a story, we often get a glimpse of how they talk about themselves, which can be a shock.

We may hear things like, “I’m such a fat idiot,” or “I’m such a stupid baby,” or “I’m a terrible person” as hyperbole, but the terrible truth is that usually, that person has been saying those things to themselves for years. Long enough for them to start believing it.

Once my running coach whispered in my ear, “Cheer yourself on like it’s someone you love,” and the realization that I hadn’t been broke my heart.

Be kind to yourself.

You deserve to be loved by everyone you spend time with, including yourself.