The Chemist

Everyone knows about the chemistry teacher that became a crystal meth millionaire, but have you heard about the chemistry teacher who beat Arnold Schwarzenegger?

Frank was a skinny little teen, clocking in at an effeminate 130lbs.

He studied mathematics and chemistry and taught both at local high schools. And the whole time, he lifted metal off the floor over and over again.

He ate protein pills and studied and lifted more weights. And every day, he said his mantra 1,000 times; Sometimes 2,000 times.

On the hardest days, he would repeat it 3,000 times.

The same four syllables, again and again, until they were branded across his subconscious:

Already Won.

Already Won.

Al-read-y Won.


In 1977, Frank stood on stage next to the greatest physique of the era — The Terminator himself — and beat him to a Mr. Olympia title.

Frank won it again the next year and the year after that.

He won Mr. Pennsylvania. He won Mr. America. He won Mr. Universe.

And he’s been winning ever since.

If you ask Frank what his secret is, he’ll tell you without hesitation.

“I already believed I’d won. It just took a lot of work for other people to notice.”