The Loop

The Loop is how we survive, particularly from terrors of our own making.

It used to be a series of giant fires spread across hilltops, from coast to city. Their smoke would relay a warning only as fast and as far as a person could see.

Later, The Loop would be scratched on clay tablets and raced on horseback across the desert or hurled into the sky in little parchment scrolls strapped to bird’s legs.

We evenutally squeezed The Loop into copper wires and accelerated it to the speed of light until it included everyone and no one at the same time.

The Loop is how we share information. The Loop is how we shout a warning or send help. The Loop is where the action happens.

In the show Hamilton, Alexander sings that he longs to be in the room, the room where things are decided; The Loop.

The News loves to make us feel like we’re in The Loop when we’re usually not. And we won’t go very far if we’re out of The Loop at work.

The Loops we maintain or let go are what holds us together. 

Don’t stay out the Loop too long!