The Rainy-Day Book

Before the internet, we had to go looking for entertainment.

It didn’t just fall into our lap with a buzz.

We used to have these little cards with numbers and symbols on them in red and black, and there was no end to the games you could play with them.

We used to have scrapbooks and knitting needles, craft paper and colouring pencils, sticky clay and multicoloured crayons.

We used to have board games and battleships and gaudy clothes for dressing up in.

We used to have a Rainy-Day Book.

The Rainy-Day Book was filled with fun games and craft activities any child could do, with adult supervision if it involved scissors.

On days it rained — and we never had to wait long for those in England — there was still something to be excited about because it was a chance to explore the Rainy Day Book and find some new fun.

The Rainy Day Book was for the days the weather didn’t turn out as we’d hoped.

And there was a “Bumper Book of the Outdoors” for the days when it did.