Don’t worry about it.

Let someone else do the worrying.

Take off a load.

Thoughts flow like water: Via the easiest route possible.

After they’ve run that way a couple of times, they’re likely to run that way again, and again, until it becomes habit.

That first thought doesn’t even have to be our thought to wiggle that first path through our lobes.

When we’re in groups, it’s ever so easy for someone else’s thought to get picked up and carried along in everyone’s brain.

Especially if we were thinking about something else.

We go along with an idea for any number of reasons: we don’t care, we don’t want to be outcast, we weren’t listening to the question.

It’s called, “Groupthink.

It’s a lot less stressful than having to think about something ourselves in any great detail.

Of course, you have to really trust that the person doing the thinking, will be thinking about you too.