True Belief

There used to be one source of Truth.

People called in “God’s Word” in various tongues.

Later, when we all learnt to read, we discovered that was just one type of Truth from one group of individuals.

Later still, possibly to fill the Truth-shaped hole in their souls, people devised a method for discovering the “true nature of things.”

That method we call Science.

The idea was to remove our perception from the equation; to objectively quantify our collective experience to define what was truly what.

The problem with that is that Truth is largely a matter of Belief.

We can present all the most-rigorously verified evidence in the world, and it still won’t alter an individual’s Belief about What is True.

The Truth is what we believe.

When we agree on words to describe our common Truths, like, ‘The Sun is bright,’ ‘breathing is necessary,’ ‘heavy things fall,’ and ‘you can’t escape taxes,’ it becomes Our Truth.

That may be alarming. It should be.

Our brains are horrifyingly capable of constructing the world around us as it needs it to be seen.

If The Truth is only what you believe.

What do you believe that might not be True?