What a terrifying word.


Not just unknown, but unsolvable too.

Terrifying because that is the only view of our future.

We like to think that we know how we feel about things, what might happen next in our lives and how we might react.

We don’t know.

Things we think will hurt don’t. Or they do, but it feels good.

We think certain things will make us happy, but we don’t really know.

And even if they do, it usually doesn’t feel the way we expected.

We often think of life as a string of challenges and problems through which we prove ourselves.

But to whom?

We can try to fix things when they break, but we don’t even know if fixing them is the right thing to do.

And for how long will we solve them until they become unsolved again?

Because that’s what things do at every scale, from Bosun to Universe: Forever falling apart and coming back together again in a different order.

If we can be content with the space they make when things fall apart, we won’t mind what shape they put themselves back together in.