We are trained to spend our time and money unwisely.

I used to balk at the idea of spending $20 a month on a gym membership.

Why spend money just to work hard hard?

But $150 on eight pints, two shots of tequila and plate of nachos at the pub?

That was money well spent.

It’s easy to spend money on the things we see value in. Or we think we see value in.

The problem is the things that we’ve been taught to value are not the things that actually bring us value.

We spend thousands of dollars entertaining ourselves.

So, what’s a few hundred to live a little longer?

Usually, it sounds like a scam.

It’s easy to see the value in immediate satisfaction.

But it’s the things we have to wait for, the delayed gratification, the investments, that really bring us value and contentment.

Once you start seeing the value in delayed gratification, cheap and quick purchases start to look an awful lot more expensive.