Very Important Perambulation

Television has a way of taking our day-to-day and turning it into the fantastic.

Take meetings, for example.

Shows like The West Wing and House of Cards turn ordinary meetings into exciting encounters.

The West Wing famously does this by adding movement; the ol’ walk ‘n talk.

The bustle of the White House going on around the walkers is an absorbing backdrop, and the brisk pace of their walk brings a sense of happening to what is typically quite a boring conversation.

Everyone gets to see them being busy. It’s a Very Important Perambulation. Plus, they all get to chalk up a few more steps out of their daily 10k.

In real life, most meetings are just social events. 80% of it is chatter.

The point of a meeting is to meet; To discourse; To get to know each other, or discuss an idea.

If that’s not why we’re meeting, it should probably just go in an email. Or mix it with some much-needed exercise, and do the walk ‘n talk.