The idea of a molecule still boggles my noggin. 

There are billions of these tiny things flying around, filling up whatever space they find.

Gas molecules whizzing and fizzing and crashing into each other.

Liquid molecules sloshing and sliding over each other in a race to fill the corners.

Solid molecules shaking and flaking off to leave their dull musty scent in the room.

This expansive nature rolls all the way up the food chain:

  • The time we have available to complete a task will determine how long it takes to complete the task (Parkinson’s Law).
  • The space we have available for luggage in the car will always be filled with luggage.
  • The time we have booked for a meeting will always be filled, even if it’s talking about something unrelated to the agenda. 
  • The distance from the nearest toilet is exactly how full our bladder is; the closer we get to a toilet, the more we have to use one. 

These are just some of the Universal Laws we have uncovered to date.

Many more will follow.