Why Train?

Why do we train?

Why do we spend hours working on our mobility, speed or strength when we are not in competition or paid athletes?

Life isn’t physically very demanding.

Most people barely walk a few thousand steps in a day. The heaviest thing we ever carry is a suitcase — most of which have wheels.

We can go further, faster, by sitting behind the wheel and singing a song (the singing is optional) than anything in history

We never have to worry about picking up something heavy because everything around us is designed to be easy to take home; it’s a grab ‘n go world.

So why do we train? Why do we practice?

We train for the time that Life calls on us to act.

We practice for the moment we don’t have time to think.

We prepare for the day that the people we love need us — and not just for helping our parents carry the shopping (although that’s a decent enough reason).

We train hard so that when Life calls upon us to stand up, to fight, serve, lead, and protect those we love, we can shoulder that burden with ease.

That is why we train.