Not many people will like hearing this, but few can deny it.

The truth is, most people want to be told what to do.

Those who turn up at work with a neat to-do list ready-made for them have a vastly different job to the person making that list.

When it comes to personal life, where the incentive to compete or complete must be self-sourced, few people take the time to practice the discipline required for success.

That’s 80% of what success is: discipline. The rest is luck.

Unfortunately, the discipline they teach in schools is designed to teach us to follow a system of regulations; To get us used to doing what we’re told or fear punishment.

The aim is not to create people with discipline, but to discipline people, because that is what makes a good worker.

Nobody teaches us how to stick with something boring or hard when there’s no punishment or immediate reward. Why would they?

A pupil with discipline quickly becomes a master.

More importantly, how could they?

True discipline can only come from within; From constant practice.

And once we find it, we’re free.