If you believe the news, the very fabric of society is being nibbled away by a swarm of toxic moths.

Depending on who you read, those moths have different coloured dust on their wings.

Mainly Red or blue. Maybe yellow. Rarely green. But the bites they take are the same size.

Drawing a line and saying, “We’re right, and those moths are wrong,” is the real cause of the problem; the root of our division.

Picking your favourite coloured moth and blaming the destruction on the other colours is as shortsighted as, well, a moth.

Electioneering moths. Gerrymandering moths. Filibustering moths. They’re all damn moths. And they’re eating the rug from under our feet, whichever side you choose.

If we want to protect the fabric of democracy, we don’t need more of either colour; We don’t need moths in new colours, either.

We need mothballs.

And a big bird or two.