Dog Work

This week, a new generation of robots entered our lives.

Our little fabricant friends get more advanced, smarter, more capable, and more useful every year.

With each new model comes a new funny name to make them seem more human and more likeable; Less of a threat to our existence.

This clever little chap is called the “Labrador Retriever.”

As our species grows and expands into space and technology evolves, our lives will change dramatically, as will our language.

One day in the not-so-distant future, people may not even remember the furry namesake of this little bot.

“A real dog?” Our grandchildren will ask incredulously, “that would fetch things?”

“Well,” we’ll say with a wistful smile, “most of the time, just a ball or a stick.

And they’ll roll over laughing until the tears trickle down their cheeks.