Small Privileges

You may not have noticed, but we already have it all.

Everything the sci-fi writers and politicians of the past proclaimed — and more — we’ve done it.

Instant communication. Flying cars. AI Robots. Mind-reading. Enough food and resources for everyone (if we shared them better).

We have so much time and money on our hands that we have the luxury of being bored — something reserved for the upper classes for almost all of human history.

Next time you’re feeling bored or unsatisfied, make a short list of all the normal, everyday, uninspiring things you’re grateful for — or even just one thing. Almost everything we have today would blow the minds of a Victorian.

Today, I am grateful for the Kiwi fruit I had for breakfast.

It’s travelled halfway around the world to get here, and it cost me about $1.

I ate it with my coffee made from real Columbian beans that also cost me about $1.

Now, you don’t get more privileged than that.