There’s a term that marketers and salespeople know that underpins most of the buying decisions we make (or don’t make).


Fear. Uncertainty. Doubt.

When up against another competitor, one tactic is to insert Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt into the prospect’s mind about the capabilities or integrity of the competition.

Business-to-business that seems fair game.

But F.U.D. isn’t limited to the corporate world.

The psychology of selling is fairly simple. People buy when they’re in pain, or they want to feel good.

To move away from pain or move towards pleasure.

Almost all media and content we consume is designed around this concept.

The news job is not to inform us of world events. It’s to sow fear, uncertainty and doubt so that we come back the next day to watch it again.

Putin is a great example of using fear, uncertainty, and doubt to get elected. Trump did a pretty good job of this too.

Halitosis isn’t a medical condition. It’s one of the best uses of F.U.D. in a marketing campaign in modern history.

Next time you see something that makes you doubt yourself or scares you, don’t worry too much.

It’s just business.