Wu Wei

Success in life is often misunderstood as our ability to exert our will upon the world.

Any addict will be able to tell you that forcing our will on the world is the fastest way to rock bottom because it’s ego-driven.

The Universe does not care for our ego. Nor does it bend its will.

Due to our seemingly God-like ability to shape the world, we can be forgiven for thinking it does.

But don’t be fooled by the sailor who claims their spells have called up a favourable wind.

Instead, we must surrender the outcome.

We must put up our vision and ask the Universe, how can this become?

Confuscious and his peers called this Wu-Wei: Effortless action; Being at one with what we are doing; getting ‘in the zone;‘ reaching a ‘flow-state.’

That is what Bruce Lee meant when he said we should ‘be like water.’

We follow our road, regardless of how well-paved it is.

We do not let our feelings about the terrain or the obstacles it presents divert us from our path. We are the path.

We don’t build a wall to block the wind.

We build a windmill to harness its power instead.