Most astounding feats don’t happen overnight. 

We may experience rapid growth once we start training or learning a new skill. 

We call these “beginners gains.”

Going from zero to one can produce some very satisfying results in the short term, but these quickly wear thin.

All the greats — people and businesses alike — must settle for incremental growth at some point.

We must accept that progressing beyond the same stage that anyone can get to requires gradual but constant progress.

Sometimes the increments are so small we cannot measure them day-to-day. 

Nevertheless, over time those little daily steps add up.

They compound. They become us. 

And before we know it, we look back, and all those tiny little gains we eeked out while feeling like we weren’t getting anywhere have amassed into something quite spectacular. 

Incrementality is the only way to reach lofty goals.

Brick by brick. Step by step. Lift by lift.

Day by day.