Ever wondered how celebrities are so calm and collected on a chat show interview?

It’s not their natural flair for conversation or some superhuman wit.

Their jokes may seem off-hand; their remarks flippant and spontaneous; their demeanour relaxed.

That is an act—a very well-scripted show crafted solely for our entertainment.

The best of the best don’t just walk out on stage and deliver a hilarious stand-up routine or perform or win a national spelling bee.

People don’t have natural talents. There may be some activities that we are physically more suited for, but physical limitations can rarely hold back a human with a conviction and the discipline to execute it.

People who make it to the highest levels of anything — ANYTHING — spend hours and days and months trying to improve. They create habits and routines and spend almost all their waking hours working towards that goal.

Why don’t they just say that?

Why do they talk about ‘finding your passion’ and ‘talent’ and ‘God’ instead of the countless, boring, repetitive, lonely hours they spent building it?

Well, that would ruin the show, wouldn’t it?

Magicians never reveal their secrets, after all.