Judged & Ignored

People often have trouble recognizing me and it’s probably because of that invisibility spell.

Even my Mother has struggled on occasion.

Maybe people’s mental image of me differs from how I actually look. I wonder if that will be a problem.

It feels like a curse.

That invisibility spell was cast when I was a teen who didn’t want to be judged or attacked.

It felt like being ignored — slipping through life without anyone noticing — would be the safest option. Even if that’s true, it took me a long time to realize that it wouldn’t make me happy.

At some point, we all have to decide whether to keep hiding our individuality to prevent it from getting us into trouble. Or to let it flow out and be judged; To be loved and hated as we love and hate it ourselves.

We can hide and still be judged. And we can reveal all and be completely ignored.

In all likelihood, the reality will involve being both criticized and ignored by some while simultaneously being adored and imitated by others.

I suppose neither really matters — as long as we can live with it.