Leave it be

“You’ve got to know when to stop,” was probably the best culinary advice my dad gave me.

The same would go for drawing, plasticine, model airplanes. Even turning off the tap.

Unfortunately, humans have a tendency to ignore their parents, and many a stir fry was mashed into a pulp in my early attempts to cook. But I do make good mashed potatoes.

Humans have such a great ability to understand and manipulate the world around us that it’s hard to not believe that we can fix things we’ve broken if we carry on going.

But in our hubris we forget that we are still learning about the ways this planet is connected.

Whatever clever way we design to make it rain in the desert won’t fix the drought problem.

Mining coal and cutting down rainforest on the other side of the planet might not seem related but it certainly isn’t going to help.

Most of the best work we’ve done has been giving back what Nature needs and then just leaving it the fuck alone for 10 years.

Because Nature certainly isn’t going to leave us be.