The Universe Talks

Five days a week for the last few years, the Universe has sent me a short note to remind me why we’re here.

They almost always give me a little smile, and I don’t let the fact that a T-shirt seller from Florida writes them spoil the fun.

It’s also true that he is partly responsible for this project; him and Seth Godin and a few others.

The Universe’s emails are a little out there. And by “out there,” I mean angels and pre-life memories and destiny.

Pretty far gone, some might even say.

But it does remind me that there are signs all around us and within us to guide us in this Life. Big red flags and deep hollows. Moments of bliss and contentment and certainty.

Roads that always seem back to the same place.

And whether you believe the Universe is trying to tell us something or we’re telling it to ourselves through our surroundings, not listening hurts.