Level Up

Life is a lot like a computer game.

Not an easy one; You only get one life to use and no respawns.

Not a hard one either; There are hints and people to help us everywhere we look.

Most people don’t want to play a game where you just press one button over and over again. That would be boring.

We want a challenge. We want to level up and get cool new items.

For some reason, many people don’t seem to be able to translate that desire for a challenge into the real world.

When learning a skill gets hard, most people throw in the towel.

They don’t want to level up.

They see the big ‘Boss’ challenge at the end of the level and think, “No thanks, I’m good on this level.”

It’s never long before that gets boring.

Accept the big challenge. Get beaten down a few times. Get frustrated. Learn to overcome the obstacles. Upskill. Level up.

Otherwise, it just gets boring.