Even the obvious can get you killed.

Truth doesn’t just show up to the party, kicking down the front door with a keg and box of balloons.

It sneaks around the back.

It whispers just loud enough for those standing a few steps away to hear.

There’s no use running into the party waving our arms and shouting, “It’s all a lie.”

That’s an easy way to get kicked out.

The best way to get ostracized from society is to question the things people consider obvious.

The first time someone suggested that the earth wasn’t flat, they killed him pretty quickly.

When Ignaz Semmelweis suggested that if Doctors wash their hands between operations, they could prevent so many mothers dying in childbirth, they stripped him of his license and committed him to an insane asylum.

They didn’t kill the people who pointed out that the housing debt market was going to crash in 2006, but they sure as hell made him feel like an idiot.

Until it was obvious.