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Uncomfortable Universal Truth #3.1: Mathematics is great.

Most children dislike arithmetic, although only for the same reason they hate spinach or mushrooms.

I disliked it too. It always seemed too complicated.

But for all its funny little symbols and relationships, Maths is far simpler than the Arts.

2×2=4. Or you’re wrong.

Maybe that was the real reason I disliked it.

I relish in the grey areas; where one could never be fully wrong.

It wasn’t till later that I realized how cool maths was — how many of life’s wheels it can grease.

No thanks to our Mathematics teachers, to whom the pinnacle of success was becoming an accountant.

But Maths makes life easier.

Compound interest. Boy, I wish I’d understood that ten years ago.

Mean reversion. It’s the way of the world.

Probability. What are the chances of anything?

But nobody told me that creative genius could be explained with Maths too.

The more work we produce, the higher the probability that one of our pieces is deemed insightful, popular, or great.

Let me know when you see it!