Quantum Kaizen

Science can explain Kaizen’s power.

And it’s the most fun kind of science too: Quantum Mechanics.

Practicing something every day in a mindful way isn’t really about physically getting better at anything.

It is mostly so our mind can practice entangling with the right metaverse: The one where we become great at this skill.

Yes, our brain and bodies will adapt a little as we progress. But strength doesn’t come from muscle size. It comes from teaching our brain how to move that amount of mass through time and space.

It’s the same with every other skill.

Every athlete is strong, but they aren’t all good at the same thing.

The more we think about something, the more we practice it, visualize it, live it, the more our brains align with the future where we succeed at it.

Every opportunity that we give our minds to latch on to a photon from that alternative future, the closer we get to becoming it.

Simple, really.