Here’s a deadly combination you’ll want to avoid:

Group-think and fear.

When all hell breaks loose, even people who are normally quite civilized behave like trapped rats.

We are all so connected that invisible stampedes and mobs arise every day.

Just like in a real stampede, it’s not possible to say exactly what set it off — these are not rational actions.

Some people feast on the fear, fanning the flames and the hate into an inferno.

We have probably all experienced the hate-filled rage that can spew out of our screens, especially recently.

Hating the Others can even be fun.

But a mob doesn’t care who it crushes, and the only way to prevent yourself from getting trampled is to get away, get out of the crowd.

People lose their heads in a crowd and only regain them in solitude.

We are not immune to these deepest parts of our psyche.

When others are panicking and the world is crumbling, step away.

Be mindful.

Stick to your plan.

The panic will subside as quickly as it arose.

And you will learn more from watching how the crowd behaves than from participating in it.