Step and See

We don’t have to know to progress.

One of the most paralysing cycles we can put our brains through is forcing it to choose before it’s had time to see.

A vision helps to show us the way, but even when we have a vision, we frequently reach a fork in the road and cannot see where it leads.

There is no option but to choose a path and take a few steps forward along it.

Maybe it’s a dead end. Maybe it’s a shortcut.

We simply won’t know until we walk a few paces around the corner.

The same applies when we lack a vision; perhaps more so.

When the forest looms tall, blocking our view and casting deep shadows of uncertainty across our path, we can only clear them by moving forward along it.

Take a step forward today and see.

The view might not be as we expect.

We may even find ourselves trudging back down to take a different path.

But at least we’ll have seen for ourselves.